ChessThinker 2021


Most top chess coaches charge $20 to $60 . Not everyone can afford to hire a chess coarch. And finding a coach that actually helps you or has a spot on his schedule is another barrier that is sometimes hard to over come. For over 40+ years I have taught chess in person and online. For the past few years I have been one of the top chess teachers/coaches on the ICC under the name Curmudgeon. My waiting list is fairly long. I would love to teach all that come to me but there are only so many hours in the week. So I decided to create a website where it would be as close to someone having a chess coach as could be and at a price where everyone could afford. Not only will you be able to work on the same positions I have worked with my students over the years, but you can also ask me chess questions! Ask me about a particular position that is giving you trouble. Ask about how to study openings. If it is chess related, ask away! is not only for beginning chess players learning how to mate, but more advanced players as well. For example: If you have trouble in knight endings then come to and work on the Knight Ending set. Need work on Rook endings? Then there is a set for that. What ever chess weakness you have, we have got you covered. We have 12 sets. Each set has 100 positions. At chess tactics sites you get a position and if you figure out the 1st move, you get credit. But what good is being a piece or pawn up if you can not win it against a strong player? You need to work on your technique while on the clock. The only place to do that is at Once you select the set you want to work on, you get 30 minutes on the clock while your opponent gets 10. You MUST checkmate your opponent or you do not get credit. It is that simple. This is by far the best way to improve your technique. By the way, your opponent is VERY good at getting stalemates! So be very careful! Donny Gray