ChessThinker 2021

Technique In Chess

To achieve a won game in chess is hard to do. To win the “won” game is even harder. More than one world champion has said that winning the won game is the hardest thing to do in chess. ChessThinker will teach you technique. What good is being a pawn or piece up if you do not have the technique to finish the game? What good is knowing an opening so well that after you get a slight advantage, you have no clue how to win the game? If a player can learn the endgame well in chess then he or she will perform well in tournaments. Most players are uncomfortable in the ending. It is a horrible feeling to reach a won game in chess and then throw the win away because you did not understand the winning technique. One of the best ways to learn technique is to give you a position that is slightly superior and then make you win the position against strong opposition. At you will always start with an advantage. Your opponent will try to make the win as difficult as possible. It may take you many tries before the win is achieved. But when you finally catch on to what is needed to win the position, you have increased your technique knowledge! Chess players learn best from doing, not just listening or watching some coach move pieces around a board. You can tell a person all day long how to swim, but until you throw him into the water he will never really learn. Working on technique can sometimes be frustrating. But by doing this type of work and by being on the clock, you will improve greatly if you put the time into it. For those that have never played in a tournament before, write down your moves as you work on these positions just like a tournament. It is better to go into tournament battle with knowledge of chess notation, clock management, etc. than to experience it first hand at the tournament. For example a lot of players lose in tournaments because they are not used to score keeping or the constant pressure of a ticking clock. At there are 12 sets, each containing 100 positions. Each position, you will always have an advantage. You MUST win the position or you do not get credit. If you are one move from checkmate and you allow a stalemate, then it is back to move one! A draw will not get you credit either. All great players have good technique. Time to start working yours!